Chenthala Vishnu Temple

The Diety considered as the upasana moorthy of kellalur Nilakantha Somayaji

हे विष्णो निहितं कृत्स्नं जगत् त्वय्येव कारणे |
ज्योतिषां ज्योतिषे तस्मै नमो नारायणाय ते ||

Sri Nilakanta Somayaji

Kelalloor Neelakanda Somayajipadu, The Author of TantraSangraha


Tantrasamgraha covers various aspects of Indian astronomy.

Sri Chenthala Vishnu Temple

The ever lucent ‘Chenthala Vishnu’ was the upasana moorthy of well acclaimed mathematician and astrologer Kelallur Neelakantha Somayajipad. Somayaji, who lived 200 years before Sir Isaac Newton had laid the foundation for a complete system of calculus and fluxions in his famous book Tantrasamgraha. Sree Chenthala Vishnu durga Temple is a popular and pre-eminent Vishnu bhagavathy temple and is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage centres in northern Kerala. It is sites at 2 kilometres South of Tirur.

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