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The ritual involves an elaborate pooja  performed by the temple thantri at the vathilmadom in the temple. Devotees can conduct the pooja as an offering. The chakrabjapooja is considered one of the most complicated rituals in the Kerala school of tantra based on astronomy .The four hour-long pooja is based on the “kalachakra” (wheel of time) which worships time, the Moon and Sun gods and Lord Mahavishnu.

The “padmam” (a drawing on the floor for tantric rituals) is akin to the pooja in intricacies. The elaborate drawing is performed by experts based on kerala school of Mathamatics . The temple authorities said that the pooja could be offered in elaborate version costing Rs 5000. This pooja would be the most expensive ‘vazhipadu’ in the temple.


Special Pooja Days (Malayalam Month)

Karthika Vilakk (Meenam – Pooram)
Narasimha jayanthi
Karkidakam 1, Vrishchikam 1, Dhanu 1 (Kuchela Dinam)
Sri Krishna Jayanthi
Durgashtami, Mahanavami & Vijaya Dashami
Thulam – Aayilyam – Sarppa Bali
Vrishchikam – Karthika Vilakk
Vrishchikam – Mooppattu Shani
Mandalam 41
Prathishta Dinam



This pooja is performed in honor of the divine couple Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayana (Lord Vishnu) who together symbolize wealth and prosperity. The harmony of this union confers a special status for pooja   which can multiply your material and spiritual blessing. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to the divine couple who can shower you with their abundant bounty and enjoy material wealth and prosperity. Perceive a marked shift in your fiscal fortunes and achieve financial stability while getting rid of hardships which hamper your progress.

he Lakshmi Narayana pooja   is performed with great reverence and due respect to the deities, amplifying the intensity of the procedure. You get to experience the positive vibrations in your mind, body and soul due to the mantras uttered in the ritual. It is highly recommended to perform this ritual once a year to derive maximum benefits and take full advantage of the occasion. Overcome debts, achieve monetary security, resolve relationship issues and forge new ties with people who count in your life by connecting with archetype Lakshmi Narayana. Major costs of the pooja are that of the ingredients and dakshina for priests.  If the homam takes place at the temple, then there could be less than  3000.



Santhana Gopala Homam is for parents who are experiencing a delay in parenthood. The homam is done by invoking the blessings of Lord Krishna to beget a healthy and intelligent child.  Santhana Gopala Homam is done for Lord Krishna in the form of a child. This parihara homam is conducted on behalf of a parents name, to beget a child.

This homam is mainly performed by couples who are experiencing a delay in parenthood to get blessed with Knowledgeable and Intellectual kids to continue your Legacy. Those who are expecting a baby shall also perform this pariharam to ensure a healthy and intelligent child.

This pariharam not only bless the couples with kids but also ensures the kid to be healthy and intelligent. It is a boon for the couples who are facing delay in getting kids.It Involves  ahuthy of santhana gopala mantra and purusha sooktha .It helps to avoid miscarriages and to overcome fertility problems or complications during pregnancy. This Pariharam is done for Santhana Labham (to conceive a child).