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Sree Chenthala Vishnu durga Temple is a popular and pre-eminent Vishnu bhagavathy temple and is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimage centres in northern Kerala. It is sites at 2 kilometres South of Tirur. Chenthala Vishnu bhagavan considered as the upasana moorthy of kellalur Nīlakantha Somayājī (c.1444-1545 AD),renowned mathematician and astronomer from kerala , who wrote texts on both astronomy and infinite series.

He was born in a house called Kelallur which it is claimed coincides with the present Edamana in the village of Trkkantiyur near Tirur in south India. Science ,literature ,mathematics ,astrology were all at thier peak in tirikandiyoor area for ages .Dr Charles schultz in 1835 said that Neelakanda somayajpad from here had written baiscs of calculus 300 years before Isaac newton discovered it .His famous book Tantra sangraha is starting with an invocation to lord chenthala Vishnu bhagavan seeking his divine blessings for the successful completion of work.” O Vis.n. u! the entire universe is embodied in thee, who art the very cause of it. My salutations to thee lord N¯ar¯ayan. a, who art the source of radiance of all the radiating objects”.

There was a time when the temple was finding difficult to sustain even the daily puja rituals as per requirement of the traditions. The immense discipline of the temple management and the ever growing support of the devotees have indeed turned this temple into a very vibrant center for spiritual rejuvenation in the recent years.


Lakshmi narasimha moorthy
 is considered as the upasana moorthy of kellalur Nīlakantha Somayājī (c.1444-1545 AD),renowned mathematician and astronomer from kerala , who wrote texts on both astronomy and infinite series. Narasimha (t: नरसिंह, : Narasiṃha, , lit. man-lion) is a fierce avatar of the Hindu god vishnu, one who incarnates in the form of part lion and part man to destroy evil and end religious persecution and calamity on Earth, thereby restoring dharma . Narasimha iconography shows him with a human torso and lower body, with a lion face and claws, typically with a demon Hiranyakashipu in his lap whom he is in the process of killing. The demon is powerful brother of evil Hiranyaksha who had been previously killed by Vishnu, who hated Vishnu for killing his brother. God Narasimha here is worshipped along with godess Lakshmi. Lord narasimha moorthy blesses the devotees with Prosperity, Material Abundance, Goodluck, Harmony, Spiritual Prosperity and to remove troubles that prevent us from starting a spiritual path or business. Main offerings to Sree Lakshmi narasimha moorthy are Lakshmi narayana pooja, vishnu sahasra nama mantra pushpanjali, trikala pooja, and panakam

Sree durga bhagavathy :
Sree durga bhagavathy is also the most important diety in chenthala vishnu bhagavthy temple. Goddess here is worshipped as Vanadurga in twaritha form As Durga, she blesses the devotees with health, early marriage and domestic harmony,. Main offerings to Sree durga bhagavathy are dwadaskhari mantra pushpanjali, trikala pooja,poomudal ,niramala and chuttuvilak,

Loard Navaneetha Krishna

Loard Navaneetha Krishna is also the main diety in chenthala vishnu bhagavthy temple. krishna here is worshipped as Navaneetha Krishna (crawling Krishna with butter in one hand),is historically one of the early forms of worship in Krishnaism . As Navaneetha Krishna,Krishna blesses the devotees with santhana soubhagya .
Main offferings are trikaivenna ,panchasara&pazhamnivedyam, santhanagopala pushpanjali,sahasranaama pushpanjali and paalpayasam .

Upa devathas

Ganapathi ,dharmasastha and dakshina moorthy :Ganapathi ,dharmasastha and dakshina moorthy  prathishta is on kannimoola of the Sancturium. Devotees offer part of the broken ghee coconut (ney thenga) to Sri Ganapathi). Ganapathi homam is the main offering.Neerajanamto loard sastha and vidya mantra pushpanjali to dakshinamoorthy.

Nagarajav :  The deity of Nagarajav is placed adjacent to the sreekovil (sanctum sanctorum) of Lord lakshmi narasimha.
Pilgrims after the Darsan of Lakshminarasimha, Krishna, Lord Kannimoola Ganapathi, Ayyappa dakshinamoorthy and sree durga make their darsan and give offerings to Nagarajav..